This website is for those with an interest in ’alternative finance’ and high-risk plays in pioneering markets.

I arrived to this arena based upon a few assumptions/premises. They are:

1 – Digital money is the future
2 – Cryptocurrency derivative markets have barriers to entry that more or less bar institutions from participating
3 – These markets are therefore potentially full of inefficiencies and opportunity and growth potential
4 – As a spot market matures, so evolveth the derivatives

Bitcoin and Blockchain have revolutionized money. The experience with money & assets is becoming a more hands on affair, more interactive.
The digital asset markets are revolutionizing how ‘normal people’ interact with and participate in markets.
Trading and speculation is now democratized and a new finance infrastructure has blossomed.
The more one understands the opportunities within this new ecosystem, the better equipped one is to lay claim to a stake in it.

Aside from trying to collect all the ducats, what draws me in to cryptocurrency markets?

1 – The Abstract
2 – Intellectual Challenge
3 – Keeping up-to-date with the cutting-edge technology

Will Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency play a big or small part in that future? One trade at a time, that question is being decided before our eyes.
At least 19% of the world’s population own some cryptocurrency and that number is set to grow.
Cryptocurrencies deliver interesting opportunities to the holder/trader. However, with those great opportunities comes great responsibilities.
A higher level of financial literacy and coding knowledge will pay dividends for those willing to take on the extra responsibilities, as money and markets evolve.
It is a truism of nature that where there is great opportunity/reward, there is also great risk.

And as the ecosystem is maturing, so are its derivatives – the true frontier and Wild West of finance and trading.

So to help newbies navigate the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of crypto trading – and help keep my own mind sharp, this website was born.

The goal:

1 – Continued profitability trading cryptocurrency derivatives
2 – Increase the automation of my trades
3 – Promote cryptocurrencies
4 – Promote self-reliance & open-source software
5 – Add volume ergo validity to the crypto-economy
6 – Win the game